Frequently Asked Questions


Cooee Busways is a public transport On Demand service providing shared rides to Schofields, Tallawong and Rouse Hill stations from within the area bounded by: Schofields Rd; Burdekin Rd; Stanhope Pkwy; Conrad Rd; Merriville Rd; and Windsor Rd.

The service operates weekdays (Monday to Friday, inclusive of public holidays), between 5 am and 9pm.

Yes. Cooee Busways travels to and from both shopping centres.

Stanhope Village Shopping Centre is available between 8am and 9pm and The Ponds Shopping Centre is between 9am and 9pm.

Cooee Busways is using the existing bus zones at the stations to drop off and pick up customers. These stops provide direct access to the stations.

Cooee Busways is a shared ride service. In order to maximise the amount of people we can transport it does not offer a door to door service.  Customers are asked to walk a short distance to an agreed pick-up point at one of our virtual bus stops. Virtual bus stops will mostly be at nearby intersections. When you book, you will be provided with directions to the virtual bus stop where you will meet the vehicle.

Virtual bus stop locations are not always the same. They can change to accommodate passengers who are on board the service at the time and depend on which route is taken to get you home. Your drop-off point in the afternoon may differ from where you’re picked up in the morning.

Cooee buses have a unique number from 1 to 6 which can be seen on the front and side of the bus. You’ll be notified of your bus number in the app once your booking is accepted.

Passenger numbers will vary based on your chosen destination and service demand at the time.

You will know when the bus is coming by following the bus on the real-time map displayed in the Cooee Busway app after booking.

We will also send you an in-app notification to your mobile phone 2 minutes before the bus is due to arrive at the pickup point. This notification will include the bus number.

You will receive regular text notifications regarding the ETA of the bus. You will also be able to track the bus in real time via the app.

Yes, as long as they are a registered account holder and are using an app enabled phone to receive text notifications.

Yes. Cooee Busways uses Busways’ Code of Conduct which can be viewed here.

The app will work on Apple and Android phones. You can download the app from the Apple Store and Google Play Store

At the end of each trip you will be prompted to provide a star rating of the trip via the Cooee Busways app.

You can also provide feedback by:
Calling Busways’ infoline 1300 69 2929; or
Calling the NSW Transport Infoline 131 500.

Contact our friendly customer experience team on 1300 69 2929 for assistance.

If you would like to speak to someone, our friendly customer experience team can be contacted on 1300 692 929 between 7am and 7pm weekdays.

A virtual bus stop is a designated pick up / drop off location that has been identified as safe.  There are many virtual bus stops across the service zone.  When you identify your pick up / drop off preference, you will be directed to walk a short distance to a virtual bus stop that enables the most efficient service possible for you and other customers.

Your virtual bus stop may not be the same every trip as the Cooee Busways app optimises travel paths to evenly distribute travel time among its passengers, depending who is on the vehicle at the time.

The regular Busways route service 751 also operates in this area, servicing both Tallawong and Rouse Hill Metro stations and Schofields station. This is a timetabled service. You will be presented with this option on the Cooee app if the service is nearby and will arrive before your Cooee Busways service. For more information on this route, visit

These questions and several more can be found on the Cooee Busways website at

If you would like to provide feedback on the Cooee Busways service or would like to make an enquiry, please contact


No. You need to book a ride through the app. Cooee Busways is not a hail-and-ride service. At the time of booking, you will be sent details of the bus you have been booked on. Your driver will also confirm that you are on the right bus as you board.

All trips must be booked through the Cooee Busways app on a smartphone.
You will need to download the Cooee Busways app and complete the registration before you can book a trip.

The service is intended to be booked when you’re ready to travel. If you book the ride when you are not yet available to meet the bus, this can hinder the efficiency of the service and can increase wait times for other passengers.

If you are not at the agreed pick up point by the estimated arrival time provided to you through the app, you will be charged a cancellation fee, set in the Terms and Conditions.

No. As this is a shared ride service, customers need to book when they are ready to travel.

Yes. Cooee Busways accepts up to 7 people per booking. You need to include them at the time of booking and they must travel with you for the whole trip.

You can change or cancel your booking through the app.
You may incur a cancellation fee if you change or cancel the trip more than one and a half minutes after making the initial booking. Refer to Terms and Conditions for more details.

You’ll always get an accurate estimate of your pick-up ETA before booking. You can also track your minibus in real time in the app.

As this is an on demand service, you will need to allocate a reasonable amount of time for the service to arrive at the designated train station. Vehicles may not be at the station when your train arrives.

‘Ride request refused’ messages state that we are experiencing high demand and mean our services are currently at patronage capacity. We recommend that you try to book again after a few minutes.

Fares and payment

Fares are set by TfNSW. The below fares were last updated on 14 September 2020.

Concession fare eligibility: Concession card holders which include pensioners, seniors, students and apprentices.

Three payment methods are available. Customers can pay via the nominated credit/debit card account provided at the time of registration, via credit/debit card on the vehicle at the time of boarding. or through their Opal Connect account at the time of booking.

No, Opal is not available on this service. Payment can be made through the Cooee Busways app or by tapping your Visa or Mastercard on our EFTPOS machines when boarding the vehicle.

Opal Connect is a travel credit trial with On Demand services.

You can earn up to $2 travel credit (or $1 for child/concessions) every time you transfer between Cooee Busways and another mode on the Opal network, as long as you transfer within 60 minutes.

You need to sign up for an Opal Connect account and then sign in to Opal Connect through the Cooee Busways app to earn travel credits.

Account holders eligible for concession fares can use the ‘Concession Visualisation’ feature in the app. This allows you to select your concession type. To access the ‘Concession Visualisation’ feature, go to ‘Menu’, choose ‘ Account Details’ then choose ‘Special Settings’ and select your concession type.

Free travel entitlements are available with a Vision Impaired Person’s Travel Pass, NSW Blinded Soldier Pass, WW1 Veteran’s Widows Pass and Ex-Defence card.

Please call the Cooee Busways customer service team on 1300 692 929 to receive a free travel code. You must show the driver proof of free travel entitlement when you board.

Yes. A cancellation fee will generally apply if you fail to turn up or cancel more than one and a half minutes after making the booking.
The cancellation fee will not exceed the quoted cost of the booked trip. More details on our cancellation policy can be found here.

The Cooee Busways fare is based calculated based on the shortest driveable distance from your pick up point and your drop off point and does not include deviations to collect other passengers.

When you put your card details in the Cooee Busways app you will temporarily be charged $1 in order to validate your credit or debit card. After your card is validated, the $1 charge will be refunded to you (within 24-48 hours).

School students are not entitled to travel for free on Cooee services. A concessions fare must be purchased.

Yes. On demand fares were updated on 14 September 2020 to be in line with fare changes to standard public transport services. An off peak fare was also introduced.

Customers with concession fares that are less than $1 are not able to tap their card on board the bus. Customers must instead use either OpalConnect ( or pay via the Cooee app before boarding to claim their concession fare.


Yes, the service is fully accessible. Guide Dogs and assistance animals are welcome on board too.